Success Bound

Success Bound is a free program that enhances the middle school experience for students in partnership with educators to create supportive learning environments. Created in Chicago and now implemented nationwide, the program is grounded in a 6th to 8th grade curriculum that is designed to be delivered for about 45 minutes per week, per grade. The adaptable curriculum and supplemental materials are based in the science of adolescent development and aim to help students explore who they are and who they want to be in the future, by connecting their interests and identities to academic empowerment, social emotional learning and post-secondary exploration. Success Bound provides tailored support that helps educators engage in critical conversations with students about their interests and goals in order to strengthen relationships within the school community. For educators, Success Bound provides support including easy to use digital training videos, supplemental materials and toolkits, collaborative office hours to support those who lead the program in their school community. With a retention rate over 98%, middle schools implementing Success Bound in Chicago have reported an increased focus on analyzing school-level data, and integrating high school, college and career readiness into their school culture. Schools report seeing students take more ownership of their education, an increased understanding of how to apply to high school, pathways to postsecondary success, and improved social and emotional skills.