What an Idea!

It was an amazing week in Chicago last week with amazing speakers, innovators and thinkers participating in Chicago Ideas Week. There is no way to select favorites without listing the entire schedule, but a few favorites of mine include the young social entrepenuers. The group that presented were inspiring and really makes one stop and think how you we are leaving our mark. The program included: Mark Arnoldy, Charles Best, Adam Braun, Micaela Connery, Kohl Crecelius, Kennedy Odede, Josh Nesbit, Tiffany Persons. Each of these amazing individuals in impacting the world in a profound way and reminding each of us to get out and take a chance.

The scientists on Thursday were also unbelievably inspiring – from robots to biochemistry, what will be the next frontier in medicine and innovation. I will never forget the amazing young man, Jack Andraka, who won the 2012 Intel Science Fair Grand Prize. It makes you believe in the power of our youth and the incredible young minds around us. Jack is moving forward the process of early diagnosis for some of the most deadly cancers and nothing is going to stop his passion and determination. I’m looking forward to following up and seeing the advancement of his discoveries.

It was a spectacular week of ideas, looking forward to what comes next.