YWLCS Target Trip

On Wednesday, July 18th, my daughter and I had the privilege of spending a few hours with the 2012 graduation class. It is always one of our favorite days to spend time with the girls and help them get ready for the college journey that awaits. It’s fun to see what the girls select for their dorm rooms and we try to encourage them to select the things they will need in addition to the things they want to bring. Ironing boards, long mirrors and storage bins are always favorite items. Printers, bedding and school supplies are often overflowing in the carts as well. For most of these girls, they are the first in their families to be heading to college and possibly their first time leaving home. The hugs and love we get from the girls and many of the parents is enough to keep us filled until the next group of graduates are ready for our shopping trip next year. We wish all the graduates of YW a year of success and can’t wait to hear about their accomplishments in the coming years.